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Feel your way to a more joyful, liberated, and truer you through Somatic Therapy
Welcome to SomaLuv

I believe our body holds the key to our deepest healing, and when we find the courage to listen, we open the door to our inner knowing and wisdom, freeing ourselves to embody our fullest potential.

Somatic Therapy is a personal exploration, weaving together awareness, touch, talk, imagery, and movement—a journey deep into your inner world of sensations, emotions, and beliefs. This isn’t just therapy; it’s a compassionate path toward the discovery of a truer you.

This therapeutic fusion of art and science, acts like a soothing balm, easing stress, enhancing safety, and fostering overall well-being. As we embark on this collaborative journey together, you’ll gain insights into regulating your own nervous system and feel empowered with tools to nurture a more centered, grounded, and authentic version of yourself.

Your story resides in every cell, and by tuning to your body as a wise resource, ally and guide, you can shape new ways of being and relating, moving from unconscious reactivity to intentional choice.

If you’re seeking a compassionate and creative approach to personal growth and healing, I’m honored to support you on this deliberate journey home.

Much Luv,

Georgette, Somatic Therapist & Educator

Georgette’s kindness and intuitive ability to tap into your emotions and feelings, while guiding you on a healing journey is nothing short of miraculous. She is a gifted healer and it is a blessing to work with her.

Vicky R.
Reiki Master Practitioner
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The breath connects you to your life force.
Somatic Therapy
The body-mind connects you to your inner wisdom.
Soul Mentorship
The soul guides you to embody your greatest life.
When we devote ourselves to no longer compromising our authenticity, we allow ourselves to trust the guidance of our inner knowing and that’s when the universe rises up to support the actualization of our deepest dreams.
I’m Georgette


Welcome beautiful seekers, I’m so glad you found your way here!

I’m a Somatic Therapist, the founder of SomaLuv and a Mom!

My passion is to guide you on a journey of embodiment that accesses and awakens your own divine gifts of breath, body-mind and soul to become the author of your own healing journey.

Join me on this path to embodied well-being and authentic freedom.

I believe in your inner healer!


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