The Journey Within

Healing Isn’t A Linear Process (And That’s Ok)

Lately, I’ve been meditating a lot on the art of healing and what it means to truly heal ourselves. The process of healing is often spoken about as though it’s a straight line or a destination. We are told that we need to hit certain milestones to recover from whatever it is that we are going through. But, contrary to popular belief, the reality is that healing is not linear, It is messy and complicated, and it often looks different for each individual.

It happens in a spiral as we repeat our patterns

Healing is a journey into unchartered territories. It happens in a spiral, as we repeat our wounded patterns until we have integrated the lessons or awareness necessary to restore balance. We peel back the layers of our wounds to identify different aspects of the same wound, each time allowing us to identify another piece of the puzzle to wholeness. This process can’t be forced to resolution. As we spiral through each layer, we do not remain the same, we expand our understanding of the situation and of ourselves.

We often want to hop on the express train to heal town

When we are amid painful and uncomfortable experiences, we usually want to end our suffering as quickly as possible. As a result, we often want to skip over the tough, gritty, and painful parts by hopping on the express train to heal town. But it’s in this place, we must learn to sit and welcome our discomfort, rather than run from it. Allow things to move through us. This is where we find our capacities for real insight and transformation, and we come to see our wounds transform into our strength, resiliency, and wisdom.

The truth is that healing is vulnerable and requires a tremendous amount of courage. It takes profound bravery to fully feel and be open to learning to embrace the parts of ourselves that haven’t felt loved or accepted.
Voyaging inward is our reclamation

Learning to heal is to say yes to voyaging inward into communion with our deepest essence and most authentic self. It’s a reclamation of the dimensions of ourselves that have become lost along the way due to experiences far beyond our capacity to integrate and accept.

It’s a constant looking at things from a wider lens as you lean into a process of deep introspection about yourself and your larger journey. The more we can inquire into our own journey and confront the dimensions of ourselves and experiences that have historically been challenging for us to accept, the greater balance we can access and nurture within ourselves.

Healing brings balance and freedom

Healing work is all about becoming freer to be who you are. I’ve come to learn that true freedom for me is living in a state of balance that empowers me to thrive regardless of what might be happening in my life. We realize we’ve come to a deeper place of healing when things happen, and we don’t get completely thrown off balance. The things that used to trigger us no longer have the same impact. We can pause and be with what’s happening and decide how to best move forward from a place of intentional awareness.

We are empowered with a profound sense of choice and agency, which allows us to tap into our creativity and access the wellspring of our innate gifts.
Conclusion: There is no going back

Once you’ve created this baseline for yourself, there is no going back. You have the tools to navigate anything that may arise with grace, skill, and trust that regardless of what’s happening, you’ve got yourself.

If this resonates with you and you’re interested in knowing more, I’d love to hear from you. There are three ways to work with me: Breathwork, Somatic Therapy and Soul Mentorship.

Georgette Zacharias / Owner and Founder / Somaluv LLC