Discover the path home to yourself through somatic therapy
Embrace your body’s wisdom to heal past wounds. 
Tap into your innate wisdom


I believe our body holds the key to our deepest healing, and when we find the courage to listen, we open the door to our inner knowing and wisdom, freeing ourselves to embody our fullest potential.

In the whirlwind of our fast-paced modern world, it’s all too easy to find ourselves stuck on autopilot, burning out, with stress taking center stage, and barely any time left for ourselves once the endless to-do lists are finally checked off.

I’ve been there and personally understand this frustration all too well.  But here’s the loving truth: it’s not your fault. From the very beginning, life experiences begin shaping our nervous systems. They intricately weave themselves into the fabric of who we are, subtly affecting our beliefs, posture, movements, well-being, and even our connections with others.

Now, for the good news: these patterns are not carved in stone. Science has proven that we actually have the power to shift these underlying currents and break free from the grasp of those unconscious programs. How? By befriending your own body and offering it the love and care it deserves.

So, let’s pause for a moment and gently ask: “how might my life transform if I deepened my connection with my body?”

Embodied Outcomes:
  • Reconnect with Your Body’s Wisdom: Somatic Therapy will help you tap into your body’s innate wisdom, allowing you to make decisions and choices that align with your true self in the present moment.
  • Free Yourself from Unconscious Patterns: Learn to break free from those invisible patterns that have held you back, unlocking a newfound sense of empowerment and liberation.
  • Transform Your Beliefs and Relationships: Acquire the tools to transform not only your own beliefs but also your connections with others, nurturing more profound and meaningful relationships.
  • Rediscover Vibrant Living: Break free from burnout and learn to care for yourself more effectively. Learn innovative tools to nurture and skillfully navigate your relationship with chronic pain or symptoms, while expanding your capacity for experiencing well-being in your body.
  • Embrace a Journey of Self-Discovery: Experience a journey that combines the Neurobiology of touch with the verbal exploration of the stories your body holds, leading you to a more profound understanding of yourself.
  • Access Your Inner Freedom: Your path to inner freedom begins here, with the opportunity to unearth the profound wisdom within your body and rewrite the patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you.
  • Build essential tools for nervous system regulation. Discover how to navigate life with greater ease and flow, gaining the freedom to move effortlessly and feel deeply at home in your body.
Ready to dive in?
What if reclaiming your body was the key to unlocking the life you’ve always dreamed of?

Georgette has such an ease about her, and I felt incredibly safe and comfortable. My sessions were thoroughly relaxing and incredibly productive. She is incredibly gifted and intuitive. My life has changed for the better since meeting her. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Laura D.
Founder Bergen-Concierge Service
Somatic Therapy is more than a holistic healing method.

Somatic Therapy is a profound exploration of embodiment. It’s about recognizing that your body isn’t just a vessel; it’s a lifelong companion on your journey of self-discovery. Your body becomes the faithful guide leading you back to your authentic self.

In this transformative work, we combine the best of both worlds, bridging the language of touch with the unspoken stories your body holds. Together, we gently coax these narratives to the surface, allowing you to examine them.

The result? A life that radiates with vibrancy, self-awareness, and profound fulfillment.

So, are you ready to embark on this extraordinary journey to unlock your inner freedom? Together, we’ll uncover the profound wisdom held within your body and transform the patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you. Your path to inner freedom begins here.

What if everything you needed to live the life of your dreams was already within you?
  • Are you ready to discover who you truly are beyond the roles and conditions that have been placed on your by society and your family?
  • Are you ready to retire the role of being the constant giver and discover how your life might look when you prioritize your needs and put yourself first?
  • Do you feel excited by the idea of unlocking your inner wisdom and learning how to unapologetically care for and nurture yourself?
  • Are you ready to tap into a greater experience of inner freedom, radical permission, and understanding that it’s possible for you to be wholly you and still be loved?
  • Are you ready to embody your full soul expression and create potential through becoming fluent in the language of your body and trusting in its wisdom to guide you home?

Georgette is a gifted somatic therapist who helped me process emotions out of my body. I had no idea how free and light I would feel after our work together. Georgette’s way of working truly releases physical and emotional pain buried deep within us. I’m liberated.

Jennifer W.
Teacher & Editor/Content Creator
The truth is
living authentically aligns us with our true selves, alleviating suffering. Liberated from unconscious cycles of pain, we gain freedom to fully embody our limitless potential.
Introducing Somaluv
The Embodied Experience:
Where are you in your journey?
Are you a Seeker, Explorer or Convert?
Exploring and understanding the conditions that constrain us grants us greater control over our choices, enabling us to live with less reactivity to the past and more serenity, grace, and ease in the present.
Soma Seekers
1-single session

An introduction to the language of your body; how your body is wired for safety, how to recognize and enhance your bodily awareness, and initiate the process of establishing an experiential foundation for embodied safety that supports your orientation in and to the world.

  • (1) 60-minute somatic therapy session
Soma Explorers

Develop your own unique somatic vocabulary for understanding your body’s inherent messages delivered through sensations and emotions and how to navigate the terrain of this inner landscape.

Explore how your body-mind has paired itself and how that is defining your current way of being in the world. Introduce and leverage how touch, breath, imagery and movement can support your healing.

  • (1) 75-minute somatic therapy session
  • (6) 60-minute somatic therapy sessions
  • Text support between sessions
Soma Converts

Delve deeper into the interpretation of your body’s own wisdom. Identify and transform deeply held limiting beliefs and unconscious patterning that has been running the show.

Gain a new lens on viewing life and deep knowledge about how your own truths enable a new way of being in the world.

Locate your innate power and creative energy to redefine your life, live with authentic freedom and allow the journey to unfold the destination.

  • (1) 75-minute somatic therapy session
  • (18) 60-minute somatic therapy sessions
  • Text support between sessions
  • support materials selected to deepen your daily self-care and spiritual practice- including: breathwork, intuitive guidance, somatic exploration, guided journaling prompts and meditation
Need Guidance or more information on where to begin?
As we commit to a deeper connection with ourselves, we cease compromising our authentic voice and instead pave the way for trusting our internal guidance. In this state of alignment, the universe rises to support the actualization of our deepest dreams.

I am a Healing Arts / Yoga Therapist / Somatic Therapist who has done a lot of self-inquiry over a many decades journey. Recently, I received five sessions with Georgette. These sessions were very informative. They provided me with great insight and clarity and offered a body-centered healing opportunity I was grateful to receive. Georgette’s style is focused and present. Her hands have a similar quality of focus, adding a kind of curious patience to their probative investigation of the tissues. At all times, I felt like I could relax and ask for exactly what I needed, and I was confident that Georgette would accompany me there. This is a great characteristic for a Somatic Practitioner to bring to their work. I like this work, and I felt confident doing it with Georgette. In a quick amount of time, I felt that we got right to some hidden messages that my body was ready to unveil, and from these sessions, I was able to experience myself in my life as more whole and capable. I highly recommend working with Georgette, and I see that her work can be a great offering for Healing Arts Practitioners like myself, who are well-versed in the work and need someone who can meet them where they are at the deeper levels of consciousness.

Madelena F.
Healing Arts, Yoga and Somatic Therapist

Somatic Therapy can help you tune into the channel of your body. Most of us live our lives on autopilot and from the lense of conditioned feelings, beliefs and stories that are imprinted on our nervous system from our lived experiences. They are held in our cells, tissues, fascia, muscles and bones and shape the (emotional, physical and spiritual) ways we show up in the world. While they once served us, often times they are what limit us from living fully in the present.  Somatic Therapy empowers you to tune into your bodies inner wisdom to gain awareness of what no longer serves you. Freeing you to shape a new you.

Sessions are typically done with the client lying on a massage table, fully clothed, though they may also be done while seated, standing, or in gentle movement.

Through verbal dialogue and gentle touch, the therapist cultivates a safe space for communication throughout the session and guides the client to explore a deeper awareness of their body. It is in this space that your transformation will occur.

Clients often experience energy releases, expression of stuck emotions, and a heightened sense of inner peace. A common feeling upon leaving the session is feeling less in their head & much more grounded.

Initial intake sessions are 75 minutes, then we will typically move to 1-hour sessions.

Clients often report a heightened sense of inner peace, and feel “lighter” or “cleared out” after experiencing energy releases and expression of stuck emotions.

A common feeling upon leaving a session is feeling “less in my head & much more grounded.” A greater sense of clarity and a deeper connection to oneself is also commonly reported.

Some clients prefer to keep their schedule clear following a session to allow more time and space for the effects of the experience to expand, while others may use the session as a welcome break in the midst a busy day.

This would need to be determined by the client and practitioner on an individual basis depending on the presenting circumstances.

The results can often be very long lasting given there is ongoing personal commitment to reinforce pattern changes and also vary based on individual circumstance.

I do not accept insurance, though you can pay using an employer-provided Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA).

Somatic Therapy is done fully clothed and the therapist and client are both active participants in the session. The touch used in Somatic Therapy is a gentle touch that is intended to “listen to and communicate with”, rather than “change or manipulate” the body during the session.

A Somatic Therapist addresses your whole being, and guides you to gain a deeper awareness and understanding of your patterns of tension, so that your body and mind can choose to experience release & freedom.