words from clients

  • I am a Healing Arts / Yoga Therapist / Somatic Therapist who has done a lot of self-inquiry over a many decades journey. Recently, I received five sessions with Georgette. These sessions were very informative. They provided me with great insight and clarity and offered a body-centered healing opportunity I was grateful to receive. Georgette’s style is focused and present. Her hands have a similar quality of focus, adding a kind of curious patience to their probative investigation of the tissues. At all times, I felt like I could relax and ask for exactly what I needed, and I was confident that Georgette would accompany me there. This is a great characteristic for a Somatic Practitioner to bring to their work. I like this work, and I felt confident doing it with Georgette. In a quick amount of time, I felt that we got right to some hidden messages that my body was ready to unveil, and from these sessions, I was able to experience myself in my life as more whole and capable. I highly recommend working with Georgette, and I see that her work can be a great offering for Healing Arts Practitioners like myself, who are well-versed in the work and need someone who can meet them where they are at the deeper levels of consciousness.

    Madelana F.
    Healing Arts, Yoga and Somatic Therapist
  • This work gave me the ability to listen to the cues my body was sending. The combination of talk and touch and Georgette’s ability to navigate shifting emotions helped me tune in. I left learning how to tune into my breath-holding and shoulder pain and an awareness of acknowledging daily messages from my gut.

    Nick N.
    Founder and Owner, Flex-Mobility
  • Georgette has such an ease about her, and I felt incredibly safe and comfortable. My sessions were thoroughly relaxing and incredibly productive. She is profoundly gifted and intuitive. My life has changed for the better since meeting her. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

    Laura D.
    Founder Bergen-Concierge Service
  • Georgette is a gifted somatic therapist who helped me process emotions out of my body. I had no idea how free and light I would feel after our work together. Georgette’s way of working truly releases physical and emotional pain buried deep within us. I’m liberated.

    Jennifer W.
    Teacher & Editor/Content Creator
  • My experience with Georgette is hard to put into words, as it was truly epic. I have been a Reiki practitioner, working in hundreds of sessions with clients and helping people shift their energy, for several years now. I am very familiar with the importance of acknowledging our feelings and emotions and how they affect our physical health.
    While working with Georgette, I was literally able to see the separation of my soul and my human self. My soul was seeking one thing, while my body was stuck in an old emotion. Georgette’s narrative and guidance allowed me to see how this separation was causing blocks in my energy. She was able to help me integrate higher frequencies of joy and love into my field, to balance myself and find wholeness. The experience was truly profound.

    Vicky R.
    Reiki Master Practitioner

  • Georgette was the key reason that I felt completely supported, safe, and comfortable. Her guidance through the sessions allowed me to feel and let go, allowing me to feel the safety to heal. She has the ability to diffuse what I’m mentally resisting and allow it to come to the surface to be released and has a keen awareness of how to use her words and tone of voice that allows me to feel safe and to fully be present in my and with my emotions. Her essence and nature are so soothing and nurturing. I’m left knowing I need to breathe more, and it reminded me to be gentler and kinder to myself during this healing journey.

    Daniella R.
    Sales and Marketing Manager
  • Georgette has a very calming voice and demeanor, and she is patient and open to what is unfolding. This allowed me to talk about my feelings while maintaining a sense of calm, awareness, and connection. I gained an understanding of my body and how my flashbacks are connected while bringing awareness to them so that I could heal. After working with Georgette, I was left with a deep feeling of being alive.

    Krista M.
  • This was a new experience for me. I found Georgette to be a great listener and guide who helped me be more aware of my breath during the session. I was able to shift from experiencing the tension of heavy pressure to an awareness of when the pressure was relaxing. I left having a more grounded headspace and more connected and in tune with myself.

    Ava F.
    Graphic Designer
  • I was new to experiencing this work and Georgette’s guidance supported my sense of comfort and safety in the session. I walked in able to feel my upper body but with a distinct disconnection from my lower body and noticing that my left side was relaxed but my right side was stiff. Emotionally I also walked in sensing sadness and anger. Through the session I became aware of how my breath changed when emotions showed up and I was able to be present to the images that my body was sending to help me release emotions I was carrying. I left feeling more grounded and with more sensation in my entire body. I was able to bring more light to my right side and experienced an ability to let go of everything that doesn’t serve me.

    Shareif S.
  • Georgette was informative and comforting, and this allowed me to relax. I leaned into this experience to take direction from what my body was saying. I learned that my right side carried more tension and weight and that my breath shifted and changed. I was surprised by the emotional impact that some movements brought up in me. I was able to find and feel the emotions that I’ve been having. I learned that I hold a ton of emotions on my right side and, amazingly, how my body has reacted to experiences. I left the session with so much more awareness.

    Stephanie C.
The truth is, healing is vulnerable and requires a tremendous amount of courage to fully feel and open ourselves to be loved and accepted.
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