Unleash your Soul’s song
1-1 Soul Mentorship for somatic converts Who Are Ready to Embody Their Full Potential
Beautiful Soul

In the stillness of your being, have you ever felt a whisper, a soft yet persistent call to explore the depths of who you truly are?

Maybe you’re someone who finds solace in the gentle stretches of yoga, or perhaps you’re a healer, your hands speaking the language of care and comfort. Or you might be sitting in an office, dreaming of a life where your work resonates with the rhythm of your heart.

If there’s a quiet voice within you seeking a connection that’s deeper, more authentic, and soul-nourishing, you’ve just found a sacred space where your journey unfolds.

Georgette’s guidance through these sessions allowed me to truly feel and let go, empowering me to feel the safety to truly start healing. Her ability to diffuse what I was mentally resisting created space for what was stuck under the surface to be released. Her keen awareness of how to use her words and tone of voice supported me to feel safe and be fully present with my emotions. Her essence and nature are so soothing and nurturing. Through our work, I came away with the awareness that I need to breathe to connect with my true self more, and that I deserve to be gentler and kinder to myself during my healing journey.

You’re not just another face in the crowd

You are a unique, magnificent being with stories and dreams waiting to be heard and honored. Like many of us, you might have found yourself at a crossroads where the world’s noise drowns out your inner melody, where the routine of life dims your inner light.

It’s here, in this space, we need to pause, breathe, and truly listen to our heart’s desires.

I warmly invite you to join me on a transformative journey, a path that is as much about unearthing your inner truths as it is about embracing the entirety of your being. This journey is about peeling back the layers, revealing the luminous soul that you truly are.

As your Guide, I empower you to reconnect with the wisdom of your body to illuminate the parts of you that have been operating on autopilot. I help you to make what was once unconsciously driving the trajectory of your life conscious so that you are able to fully reconnect with your inner authority and power.

Let’s journey together on a path of heartfelt exploration and healing:

Unveil the Language of Your Body: Together, let’s listen to the wisdom your body wishes to share. It’s a sacred conversation with your inner world, essential for spiritual and emotional harmony.

Transform Lifelong Patterns: Hand in hand, we’ll navigate and transform the themes that recur in your life, whether they show up in relationships, health, or your career path. These experiences are gateways to profound growth.

A Nourishing Journey for Mind, Body, and Soul: We’ll wander through pathways that touch your soul, from the quiet introspection of meditation to the intuitive realms of self-discovery, each step a dance with your true essence.

I was new to experiencing this work, and Georgette’s guidance supported my sense of comfort and deeper safety. Through our work together, I became aware of how my breath changed when emotions showed up, and I could be present with the images my body sent to help me release the emotions I was carrying. I learned to become more grounded and connect with my body more deeply than I ever had before. I was able to learn how to truly let go of everything that doesn’t serve me.

Who is this for?

This mentorship sanctuary is lovingly crafted for souls who have already embarked on their journey of self-discovery and healing. It’s a haven for those of you who have been tenderly exploring the depths of your own being, perhaps even sharing your unique gifts to uplift others, and are now feeling a call to delve even deeper.

Imagine this as a space where your journey takes on a new, more profound dimension, where the seeds of your personal growth are nurtured into full bloom, and your ability to serve others is magnified.

Whether your path has been one of introspective self-inquiry or a heartfelt offering of your talents to the world, this mentorship is an embrace of transformation, guiding you to new levels of depth and expansion in both your personal and service journeys.

Here, in this compassionate and nurturing space, your spiritual practice will not just grow – it will soar, reaching heights you’ve always envisioned for yourself.

Step into a space of authentic power, making
choices that truly resonate with your soul.

What makes this program uniquely transformative?

Your Personalized Journey of Transformation offers a deeply individualized approach to personal growth and self-discovery. Here’s what sets this program apart:

Authentic Expression of Your Truth: With compassionate guidance, you’ll learn to express your truth with clarity and confidence. This isn’t just about communication; it’s about aligning your external voice with your internal wisdom and highest good. You’ll step away from fear and into a space of authentic power, making choices that truly resonate with your soul.

Deep Dive into Self-Love and Compassion: We journey together to unlock the immense healing power of self-love and compassion. This is a key to freeing the creativity and boundless wisdom within you. Through this process, you’ll discover a wellspring of inner strength and resilience.

Fostering Harmonious Relationships through Authenticity: As you grow in expressing your true self, observe how your relationships transform. Authentic communication fosters deeper, more fulfilling connections. It’s about being true to yourself and, in turn, inviting others to do the same, building relationships based on honesty and mutual respect.

Empowerment in Decision-Making and Conscious Living: Experience the liberating power of making choices with full awareness and intention. This program empowers you to live consciously, honoring your well-being in every decision you make, big or small.

Integrative Practices for Deep, Heart-Centered Insights: Our unique blend of breathwork and introspective journaling takes you on a soulful journey. These practices are designed to guide you into the depths of introspection and personal revelation, unlocking the rich mysteries of your inner landscape.

This program is more than a series of sessions; it’s an exploration into the heart of who you are and who you’re meant to become. It’s an invitation to transform not just your mindset, but your entire way of being, in a space that nurtures, challenges, and honors your journey every step of the way.

Soul Embodiment

Join me on a personal journey to uncover and celebrate the unique story of who you are, layer by layer. Together, in a nurturing environment, we’ll do more than awaken your spiritual side; we’ll actively work towards achieving your personal goals and making meaningful contributions to the world around you. With a blend of intuitive insight and practical action steps, our journey will be both heart-centered and purpose-driven. As your guide and partner in growth, we’ll unlock the most authentic and fully-realized version of you, turning your dreams and aspirations into your reality.

What’s included:

  • (1) 75-minute intro Session
  • (18) 60-minute somatic therapy sessions
  • Text support between sessions
  • Support materials selected to deepen your daily self-care and spiritual practice- including: breathwork, intuitive guidance, somatic exploration, guided journaling prompts and meditation
  • Suggested reading and curated video/audio materials to support your healing journey
Spiritual Mentorship Process

The Journey Begins:

Initial Discovery Call: This is our first step, where we connect and explore the possibilities of our journey together.

In-Depth Intake Session (75 minutes): A longer session to thoroughly set the stage for our work. We’ll dive deep into understanding where you are currently and identify what you need to progress on your spiritual path.

Ongoing Sessions:

Weekly 60-minute Sessions: Regular sessions are the heart of our mentorship, providing continuity and depth as you move through the program.

Personalized Education & Tools:

Assessment of Your Current Stage: Understanding where you are in your spiritual journey is crucial. This helps in tailoring the mentorship to your unique needs.

Selecting the Right Tools: Based on your current stage, I’ll recommend the best tools and practices to support your growth.

Guided Self-Inquiry: Together, we address the most pressing issues as they arise, ensuring that each session is relevant and impactful.

Flexible Approaches: Depending on your needs, we may incorporate different techniques like verbal somatics or hands-on work during our sessions.

A Unique Experience for Each Individual: Recognizing that each person’s journey is unique, the mentorship unfolds differently for everyone, adapting to your personal growth and discoveries.

Are you ready 
to embrace your 
true self?

Imagine a life where every choice resonates with your deepest self, where relationships are a source of joy, and where your career is an expression of your passion and purpose. This journey is about reimagining your life, guided by the wisdom and love within you.

As your Guide, I empower you to reconnect with the wisdom of your body to illuminate the parts of you that have been operating on autopilot. I help you to make what was once unconsciously driving the trajectory of your life conscious so that you are able to fully reconnect with your inner authority and power.

I am here, ready to walk beside you, to guide, support, and share in this beautiful journey of transformation. Let’s discover the vibrant, fulfilling, and purpose-driven life that’s waiting for you.

Join me on this heart-centered adventure, and let’s embrace the true magic of your existence together.

With luv and companionship,


Think of spiritual mentorship as having a personal guide on your spiritual journey. It’s a heart-to-heart process where I support you in exploring and deepening your connection with your inner self and your unique spiritual path.

If you’re curious about spirituality, seeking a deeper understanding of yourself, or longing to bring more spiritual practices into your everyday life, this mentorship is for you. It’s for anyone ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual exploration, regardless of where you are on that path.

Our sessions are like a cozy conversation mixed with practical spiritual exercises. We might dive into reflective discussions, share meditations, practice breathwork, and explore what spirituality means to you. Every session is tailored to fit your journey and where you are at the moment.

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Some find a few sessions enlightening, while others prefer a longer journey for ongoing exploration and support. We’ll find a rhythm that feels right for you.

Not at all. This mentorship honors all paths. It’s about your personal spiritual exploration, whether you’re rooted in a particular faith or finding your own way.

While it’s not a substitute for professional counseling, our sessions can offer spiritual perspectives and tools to help you navigate life’s ups and downs with a more centered and peaceful approach.

While therapy often focuses on emotional and mental health, our spiritual mentorship centers around your spiritual well-being, helping you weave spirituality into the fabric of your life.

It’s completely up to you. We can meet weekly, bi-weekly, or even monthly. Think of it as setting up regular coffee dates for your soul.

Yes, absolutely! Virtual sessions allow us to connect no matter where you are, making our meetings convenient and accessible.

You’re likely to discover a deeper sense of self, develop spiritual practices that resonate with you, and receive guidance to infuse your daily life with a sense of purpose and spiritual connection.