Somatic Therapy focuses on a bottom-up approach to healing, by focusing on the body as the starting point of self-inquiry and as a resource for healing. Your body is the “black box” of all your experiences, it stores all the information about how we have been shaped and conditioned by our environments and can reveal truths that are different from and often out of the reach of the mind.

Somatic Therapy can help you tune into the channel of your body. Most of us live our lives on autopilot and from the lense of conditioned feelings, beliefs and stories that are imprinted on our nervous system from our lived experiences. They are held in our cells, tissues, fascia, muscles and bones and shape the (emotional, physical and spiritual) ways we show up in the world. While they once served us, often times they are what limit us from living fully in the present.  Somatic Therapy empowers you to tune into your bodies inner wisdom to gain awareness of what no longer serves you. Freeing you to shape a new you.

Sessions are typically done with the client lying on a massage table, fully clothed, though they may also be done while seated, standing, or in gentle movement.

Through verbal dialogue and gentle touch, the therapist cultivates a safe space for communication throughout the session and guides the client to explore a deeper awareness of their body. It is in this space that your transformation will occur.

Clients often experience energy releases, expression of stuck emotions, and a heightened sense of inner peace. A common feeling upon leaving the session is feeling less in their head & much more grounded.

Initial intake sessions are 75 minutes, then we will typically move to 1-hour sessions.

Clients often report a heightened sense of inner peace, and feel “lighter” or “cleared out” after experiencing energy releases and expression of stuck emotions.

A common feeling upon leaving a session is feeling “less in my head & much more grounded.” A greater sense of clarity and a deeper connection to oneself is also commonly reported.

Some clients prefer to keep their schedule clear following a session to allow more time and space for the effects of the experience to expand, while others may use the session as a welcome break in the midst a busy day.

This would need to be determined by the client and practitioner on an individual basis depending on the presenting circumstances.

The results can often be very long lasting given there is ongoing personal commitment to reinforce pattern changes and also vary based on individual circumstance.

I do not accept insurance, though you can pay using an employer-provided Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA).

Somatic Therapy is done fully clothed and the therapist and client are both active participants in the session. The touch used in Somatic Therapy is a gentle touch that is intended to “listen to and communicate with”, rather than “change or manipulate” the body during the session.

A Somatic Therapist addresses your whole being, and guides you to gain a deeper awareness and understanding of your patterns of tension, so that your body and mind can choose to experience release & freedom.

For those uncomfortable doing in-person sessions, I offer online zoom sessions. The precautions we take are to filter the office air with a high grade Aprilaire allergy, asthma and virus filter and clean the contact surfaces after each session. We follow the current recommended CDC guidelines and practice caution. I am fully vaccinated, but don’t require my clients to be vaccinated. I always consider the safety of my clients to be of utmost importance and will postpone sessions should I become aware of a close contact and request the same consideration in return.